About us

Everything in our life is getting more complicated, especially in the online business world. Simple solutions do not work any more. We see two general reasons why:

  • Information explosion. Technologies are intended to do business easier and to save valuable time, but they are getting more complicated by themselves. Also they produce more and more data. We are drowning in the flow of information. The E-commerce software area as the front-end of technology nowadays is no exception. It causes a lot of stress for people.
  • Personalisation. 80% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a brand that provides personalized experiences. Personalization has been a trend for the last few years.

It requires people to spend more and more time to master new tools, including e-commerce software. It is getting sad for business people, who are very busy. This is why our team of IT professionals offers service in the e-commerce software market. We offer our knowledge, our expertise to help you not be lost. We are doing our best to help people to simplify hard entities in the business applications area. We are trying to look at software and technology from the business side. First of all, we take into account a software’s usefulness, usability, security, scalability, maintainability, and performance. Our Consultants are highly experienced Technical Architects and Software Developers, meaning they recognise not only what is required from a business perspective, but also what is achievable from a technical viewpoint.

We offer our services, related with e-commerce software:

Software Support
Software Training
Software consulting
Software integration
Software maintenance
Software advice
Software development
Software Testing

You can contact us using our consultancy page.

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